Envoy [Sapphire]

Investigation of HMS Minden

PCs (Envoy Agents) are briefed that the survey ship HMS Minden has not sent any transmissions in for 10days whilst surveying uninhabited systems on the edge of British space.  15 days ago it sent a preliminary report on system XD658 and its intensions to proceed to XD659HMS Minden reported safe arrival into XD659, but since then nothing has been heard.  The preliminary report on XD659 is overdue and due to the systems proximity to Asian Alliance space it is feared that they ship has been attacked.

The PC's are tasked to investigate the fate of the HMS Minden and if required rescue it's crew.
They are also informed that Andrew Grey is an undercover Envoy agent and he has reported some covert enemy activity in XD658.  This data must be retrieved.

Aboard the HMS Sunfish (acting under the name PY Diana) the PCs and 3 SF troopers head to XD659.

Upon arrival they initiate silent running and passively scan the system.  XD659.3 is the only planet with a habitable environment and so it is decided that this should be the focus of initial investigations.

After more passive scanning the crew of HMS Sunfire spot the tumbling wreckage of a ship in orbit around XD659.1.  There are two huge holes in the ship.  One at the front and one in the middle and appear to be from impacts, possibly asteroids.  The impact in the middle has punched through the rear most hydroponics bay and has broken the back of the ship.  The Minden is now bent at this point.  Gas/liquid of some form is venting from this hole.  Sensors identify this as water.

After docking with the Minden the PC's and two of the SF troopers enter the survey ship.  There is a central corridor running down the spine of the ship and the head to the front where the bridge is.  There is no power within the ship and although the corridor has a breathable atmosphere it's temperature is around -80C.  The party keep their suits sealed.  At the end of the corridor there is an airlock to the bridge.  After entering the airlock it is quickly discovered that there is no atmosphere within the bridge.

Cycling the airlock they enter the bridge and see a scene of destruction.  The front right corner of the bridge is missing.  Within the bridge are the remains if some of the crew and smears of blood on furniture.  After powering up the systems within the bridge, they discover a mulititude of failures from damage assesment.  They also access the "black box" recorder of the ship and play this back.

The video shows the crew in the bridge carrying out the survey mission, all seems calm and nothing appears out of the ordinary.  There is then an impact to the ship strong enough that inertial dampers do not completely stop the crew from being dumped out of their seats.  Alarms are sounding within the bridge and the crew are trying to identify what has happened when a second impact occurs.  This time the corner of the bridge is ripped of and during the explosive decompression the majority of the bridge crew are pulled out of the ship.  One member of the crew manages to stay in and get to the back of the bridge where he grabs an oxygen face mask and then gets to the airlock. The video then cuts out at this point.

The PCs work out that the projectile came up from below the ship and that it was fired from the planet they are in orbit over.


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